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20 trends in high-end landscaping plans

Here’s a selection of 20 trends of landscaping plans. Simplicity and clean styles return to fashion after many years. In 1947, the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe launched a leitmotiv that became famous afterwards and which applies very well to current trends ‘’Less is more’’.

Trendy colours

1. Green for vegetation

Le vert pour la végétationGone are the days of fashionable gardens with a thousand colours, we now prefer large beds of a single colour. The same goes for mixed foliage, with a preference for harmoniously arranged shades of green.


2. Sober and plain colours

Les couleurs sobres et uniesWhite and black are very popular to keep the layout simple. Sober colours are also popular for flooring materials.


Fashionable materials

3. Natural stone

La pierre naturelleIts versatility in terms of colours and finishes, its wide variety of shapes and sizes and its lofty appearance are greatly appreciated. As much as it was used to give a rural character to a landscaping project, nowadays we choose natural stone to create beautiful modern gardens.


4. Composite materials

Les matériaux compositesComposite materials are very much enjoyed. The current trend is to minimize the required maintenance for your layout, therefore these materials are perfectly suited for this purpose.


5. Corten type steel

L’acier de type CortenSelf-skidding steel, marketed under the name COR-TEN, among others, is gradually making its way into landscape design in Quebec. Its plain, rough brown appearance and its versatility in terms of its use are perfectly in line with current trends.


6. Ornamental grasses

Les graminées ornementalesRequiring little care and available in a variety of shapes and heights, ornamental grasses are currently very popular both in clumps and in rows.


7. A mixture of materials

Un mélange de matériauxThe combination of materials, such as wood and concrete or natural stone and steel, makes it possible to create unique styles for each layout.


A structured landscaping plan

8. Delimited and functional living areas

Des aires de vie délimitées et fonctionnellesPeople are increasingly taking advantage of their outdoor spaces and enjoy designing custom-made spaces dedicated to the activities that are meaningful to them. Whether it’s a ping-pong zone or a reading space, the uniqueness of each living area is highly valued.


9. The outdoor kitchen

La cuisine extérieureIn the past, a simple BBQ was enough for grill lovers. Nowaday, it’s possible to have all the facilities of a complete kitchen integrated into a living area. This allows, among other things, to avoid having to go back and forth in the house and to fully enjoy the moments outside.


10. The outdoor living room

Le salon extérieurFor several years now, the choice of outdoor living room furniture has been continuously expanding. This is very typical of people’s desire to enjoy the outdoors increasingly while recreating the comfort of an indoor room. For an aperitif or sunbathing, the outdoor living room is the right place to be.


11. The fireplace corner

Le coin foyerWhether it’s the traditional wood fireplace for those who love its genuineness, or the practical urban variant with gas, the fireplace is a must for a complete landscaping plan. This special corner allows you to enjoy your landscaping at night, providing warmth and light to your guests.


12. The return of the vegetable garden

Gone are the rows of ploughed soil at the bottom of a field, the new vegetable gardens are now integrated directly into the heart of landscaping. Container gardens, sprouts on cables, hanging vegetables, fruit trees pruned in espaliers, everything is allowed so that the vegetable garden is convenient, beautiful and efficient.


13. Garden sheds

Le coin foyerGarden sheds are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to enjoy your outdoors longer and more comfortably. They are often combined with other elements in the layout to enhance their use: outdoor kitchen, pool, outdoor bar, outdoor living room, etc.


14. Unique furniture

Un mobilier uniqueWhether it’s a special bench, distinctive lighting fixtures or special structures, the trend is to look for uniqueness in certain key design elements, a bit like a signature. Nothing is more deceiving than a row of neighbours who all have the same lamp post purchased from a big-box retailer!

15. Rectangular pools and spas

Les piscines et spas rectangulairesAs mentioned in the introduction, the trend is towards a clean and functional style. So why would you have a rounded pool that is difficult to integrate when you can opt for a rectangular shape that is much simpler, more practical and functional.

The right atmosphere

16. The infinity pool and spa

La piscine et le spa infiniSwimming pools and spas are both functional and aesthetic. By opting for an infinite (infinity) pool or spa (with overflow) and carefully choosing the interior colour of your pool, you will create a beautiful, perfectly flat surface that will reflect the landscape.

17. A clean look

Un look épuréThe current trend in a landscaping plan is to add nothing without following the main idea. Every element in place must have its reason to be present.


18. A modern look

Un look moderneFor many years, the form language used in design was mainly organic, but that time is over! Straight lines now prevail. Angles and reflections are also very trendy.

19. A four-season design

Un aménagement quatre saisonsWhy design for one or two seasons? There are four distinct seasons, and it is possible to enhance every one of them! Whether it’s to get a functional aspect, to give it a winter vocation or an aesthetic vibe who’ll allow its appreciation throughout the different seasons, it’s essential to think about the integration of the changing seasons in your planning.


20. Landscape lighting

L’éclairage paysagerIf you intend to enjoy your outdoors at all times, it is essential to integrate lighting into it. Lights will allow you to enjoy your investment in the evening when you have more time, but also to enjoy the exterior design from the inside of your home, all year long! In short, even if new trends appear year after year, a well thought-out landscaping plan developed in partnership with a professional will last over time.