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2021 Natural Stone Trends for Prestige Landscaping

Natural stone and prestigious landscaping go hand in hand! Whether used for pavers or walls, natural stones bring a unique look to any landscape. No matter what your landscape style is, you’re sure to find natural stone that complements it perfectly. In this blog post, discover the four natural stones that will be in vogue in 2021 as well as their advantages to facilitate your choices!

Granite: For a Landscape as Beautiful as It Is Resistant

Granite is one of the hardest stones available on the market. It’s no wonder that it is often used in prestigious landscaping projects! Do you want your landscape to last for many years? This stone is perfect for you! It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a long-lasting and beautiful landscape. 

This natural stone is known for its sleek and timeless character. Another advantage of granite is that it comes in a variety of colors to suit all your design ideas. Choose black granite for a more chic and majestic effect, or a white stone for a clean and minimalist look. 

The possibilities are endless! You can even use it to decorate the outside of your pool or spa thanks to its anti-slip properties. Also, this stone is easy to maintain and cleans up very well! Whether you use it for a table, an outdoor kitchen or even a patio, you will have peace of mind because no stain will resist it!

Basalt: To Please Fans of Modern Landscaping

Basalt has carved out a place for itself in the most beautiful landscapes. Its properties can be compared to granite in terms of durability, ease of cleaning and non-slip surface. So, once again, no need to worry about its evolution over the years and its daily maintenance! 

Did you know that this natural stone is actually a volcanic rock? That’s right! Thus, it is distinguished by its dark color, almost black. Its very smooth grain gives it a uniform appearance and its smooth texture is similar to slate. Basalt is sure to provide a luxurious, modern and minimalist look to your prestigious landscaping. It’s perfect for our experts to create something innovative and worthy of your dreams!

Basalt is also very resistant to scratches and stains. It is even scratch proof by metal! This characteristic makes it the perfect stone for high-traffic areas, such as a patio or poolside.

Slate: For a Landscape With Resistant Pavers 

Slate is a natural stone that is slip-resistant, water-resistant, stain-resistant and frost-resistant. It is therefore perfectly suited to brave our Quebec winters

This stone is also easy to work with, which makes it very versatile! Our landscaping experts will be happy to create a decor that reflects your image. It also has a very long life span, for beautiful decorations that will last. 

Steps, pavers, outdoor kitchens, low walls, patios… Whatever your dream landscaping, slate will fit right in.

Marble: For a Trendy Terrace 

You’ve probably already heard of marble. Indeed, this prestigious natural stone is one of today’s landscaping trends! Its look will impress you thanks to the prestige it exudes. Did you know that it is the stone of choice when it comes to making sculptures or water fountains? 

It comes in many colors, such as the classic white and beige, as well as green, red and blue. That’s without forgetting the timeless black marble that adds a touch of luxury to any landscape design. This natural stone is truly all-purpose!

Marble is naturally very resistant to cold, damage and scratches. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing where to install it. Often seen indoors, marble is a beautiful addition to a prestigious landscape design!

No matter what your prestige landscaping project is, there are natural stones that can meet your needs. In 2021, granite, basalt, slate and marble are popular! Are you looking for a professional team to bring your grandiose landscaping ideas to life? Trust Paysage Lambert! Our team is committed to offering you a turnkey service, from planning to complete realization and maintenance of your outdoor spaces.