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5 top notch tips for the design of your outdoor spa

A spa is undoubtedly a true paragon of relaxation! It evokes in turn relaxation for lovers, stays in high-end establishments and a well-deserved rest after a hard day. For several decades now, hot tubs have not only been reserved for luxury outings; more and more people are choosing to install one at home, inside or outside. If you have a beautiful backyard and would like to enjoy the view while being massaged by a few hot water jets, an outdoor spa is the perfect choice for you! However, in order to get the most out of it and to provide you with true relaxation, you will need to think carefully about the outdoor layout of your spa. Here are a few tips to help you!


1. Learn about the different types of spas

Determining the type of spa that best suits your needs is the very first step. There are many different models with unique features! Would you like a luxurious spa that you can customize to your own personal taste? Opt for a built-in or semi-built-in spa, which is more expensive, but easier to adapt to your personal tastes. Would you like to be able to move your spa to different locations in your backyard? An inflatable (and portable!) spa is probably better for you. And finally, would you like to be able to swim in the hot tub? A swim spa might be the perfect option. Be sure to define your needs before making your choice!


2. Think about the ideal location for your spa.

Whether you are considering a fixed or portable spa, it is essential that you evaluate where it would be best located. For example, if you position it on a covered terrace attached to the house, you will be able to enjoy it during the winter without having to remove snow.

On the other hand, if you want to lie in the sun after soaking, it may be a good idea to keep your spa not too far from your relaxation area and loungers. That said, be aware that a spa runs its motors once or twice an hour, which makes a noise that may be unpleasant (especially if you’re not enjoying the whirlpool)! It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go, and remember to think about how far you will have to walk to the spa from your doorstep. Finally, make sure that your new installation won’t block your view.


3. Adding Panels When Outdooring Your Spa

For optimal relaxation, you will most certainly need a minimum of privacy. In order to create a little corner of paradise away from the public eye, privacy panels will be your best allies! These large structures, erected in front of your spa, will allow you to avoid the gaze of your neighbors with elegance. For a more natural look, opt for wood panels; otherwise, other materials such as steel or composite are also available. Go with your aesthetic preferences!


4. Let your spa match your landscape decor

Of course, you wouldn’t want your spa to clash with your decor! For a harmonious and successful integration, don’t hesitate to add a stone wall to surround your spa, or vegetation. You can also choose to have your spa set into a stone deck or a wooden patio. This would conceal it, and would not interfere with the rest of the environment. Finally, if you have an in-ground pool, your spa can also be built into it. There are many possibilities for the exterior layout of your spa; you will certainly find one that you will like!


5. Get inspired by current trends

Natural materials are popular! Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, don’t hesitate to create your own relaxation area inspired by nature. Consider installing a fireplace near your spa, for a warmth effect at night. Also, allow yourself to be inspired by trends when choosing the look of your spa! Round, wooden tubs are very popular, as are custom-made spas.

Before purchasing a spa, consider hiring a landscape architect. He will be able to help you find the best type of spa for your needs, as well as choose the ideal location and layout. To plan your landscaping project, consult our guide and discover the 7 essential steps to follow!