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7 tips for perfectly setting up your patio

Your patio or terrace can quickly become an outdoor living room. Combining relaxation and functionality, this room will serve not only as a zen space, but also as a living room to accommodate all of your guests on beautiful summer days ! Who doesn’t love evenings ending by the fire?

Want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the summer season? No matter what stage you are at in setting up your dream patio, this short guide will lead you through your next tasks.You’ll be able to either start your construction project or update your current outdoor living room !

1. A harmonious decor

Your patio is an extension of your home. Therefore, it should be both practical and aesthetic. It should reflect the interior of your home, as well as its decor, and above all, reflect your image and your taste! Choose the right materials and a finish that matches the look already in place. You can inspire yourself with the furniture you already have, the color tones of your walls or the decoration you have. Your patio or terrace should not be seen as a separate space, but rather as an extension of your interior.

Many interior designers tend to mark out living spaces, and so should we when creating spaces on our terrace or patio. Thus, you could install a dining room, a fireplace, or even a kitchen area according to your needs. The important thing is to keep the same style, but to give a different feel to each delimited area. A big trend right now is to furnish outdoors spaces the same way we would do for an indoor space. That can easily be done by purchasing a luxurious sofa, a coffee table, rugs and any accessories that will make these areas as warm as possible.

2.The functionality of spaces

When designing your terrace, you have to think carefully about the functionality of the space. To ensure maximum comfort, you must organize your space according to the size and especially the shape of your backyard. Optimize the space so that everything is accessible quickly and, most importantly, that the space is inviting.

When planning your space, you should sometimes expect the worst. Be prepared, among other things, for bad weather and temperature variations. An issue that comes up often is the arrangement of a terrace which does not effectively meet the needs of its users. So plan for the maximum number of people you will welcome there, the times of the day when this area is likely to be used as well as the position of the famous cocktail bar (or any other workspace that will simplify your life). Whether it’s raining or shining, a well-appointed terrace is the one that perfectly meets your needs and makes your evenings a success.

Interesting tip: Consider selecting light-weight furniture for your backyard. Indeed, the terrace or the patio are often used to welcome friends who arrive unexpectedly or to have a barbecue on Sunday afternoon. The number of people present may vary. So you’ll be happy to have chairs and tables that can easily be moved in order to accommodate your unexpected receptions.

3. The role of furniture

Furniture plays a major role in the design of your patio layout. High quality furniture that combines both comfort and style is preferred. Your furniture might spend a lot of time at the mercy of the changing weather. You will therefore be able to appreciate your layout more by investing in durable and easy-to-maintain materials. However, remember to assure a seasonal maintenance for your furniture, especially for fabrics and cushions.

The role of furniture

4. Always looking for shady spots

Summertime goes hand in hand with great exposure to the sun. Although it’s always nice to sunbathe for a few hours at the beach, we should not overlook the impact of UV rays on our health. When building a patio, it’s essential to plan spaces offering shades where you can enjoy the sun without suffering from its rays!

To do this, there are several options, whether opting for a covered terrace adjacent to the house, or for the installation of a pergola. Areas offering shade will make a nice transition between warmth and comfort. In addition, this sun protected space will also serve as a shelter from bad weather. Kill two birds with one stone !

Always looking for shady spots

Vegetation and plants can also be used to create a shelter from the sun. You could, for example, install climbing plants on a pergola. This will create a cooler, shaded space.

5. Appropriate lighting

One of the key concepts in interior design is lighting! As with all rooms in your home, lights provide a different perspective when the sun begins to set. The main purpose of outdoor lights is that it extends the evenings and brings your patio to life. It will become, without a doubt, the place of choice for a drink and a chat with friends !

Appropriate lighting

6. A touch of greenery

Greenery is a must ! You can add vegetation in several ways. You could make an extension of an existing garden, plant some flowers and flowerbeds or even get some potted plants. Make sure you also consider the maintenance required for the chosen vegetation. Some plants are particularly easy to care for, while others require a little or a lot more attention.

You should ask an expert for some advice at the time of purchasing your plants. In addition, winter maintenance of plants varies greatly from one species to another. Make sure you have enough space inside if they cannot survive cold temperatures.

7. The fireplace

Having a fireplace in your backyard is a must have to make the most out of summertime! Not only will it allow you to enjoy your terrace on sunny days, it will allow you to enjoy it way after the sun is set. The fireplace will also warm you up towards the end of summer when you are trying to lengthen the summer season.

A fireplace truly creates a unique atmosphere in which it is pleasing to spend more time outdoors. Many different types of fireplace are available to you; electric or gas, or the good old traditional wood fires. The traditional fire is the one that requires the most maintenance. It does take longer to light, but it offers an incomparable warmth. You should also plan a space further away from the house and find out about the standards of your municipality that apply.

The great thing about the gas fireplace is that you can turn it on and off without hassle, and enjoy it anytime. It will enhance your dinners on the terrace or your moments of relaxation in the evening. In short, adding a fireplace (whether large or small) to your layout can transform the atmosphere of your space and act as the centerpiece of your decor.

The fireplace

In order to make your patio a success, you have to take your time. You have to carefully plan its location, analyze your habits and lifestyle, and keep in mind its reception capacity. You don’t want a patio that is way too small, or on the contrary that is too big. Design this space as you would design any room in your home. Don’t be afraid to add accessories. We suggest, among other things, to add light fixtures, a few shrubs or a fireplace to make this place your new outdoor living room!