A passion for nature

Creating, developing, and maintaining a landscaped area is an ongoing experience that is constantly impacted by the dynamic subtleties of nature. Our team is committed to helping you understand these subtleties and to guiding you through the various planning steps of your landscaping project. The planning process must be rewarding and enjoyable. We propose landscaping that is impressive in terms of its quality and creativity, that reflects your personality, and that is also functional.

3 steps to a successful landscaping project

1- Developing and planning your landscaping project

Along with that of our consultants, your involvement during this first reflection phase is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the following phases. This phase helps identify your wildest dreams and ideas, as well as your needs, to compare them to your budget and to your site’s options and constraints.

Using sketches and plans, we help you better understand the landscaping project you want to undertake. Throughout the plan development process, our team will assess your decisions and promptly inform you if they require adjustments to the project’s budget and/or timeframe.

2- Undertaking your landscaping project

Undertaking your landscaping project must be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. To ensure this is the case, a clear agreement stipulating our respective obligations and responsibilities must be established between you and our business. A detailed landscaping plan along with a sound contract (which explicitly describes the services that will be provided, the timeframe for the completion of work, the basis of remuneration, and the terms of payment) will enable you to move forward with the construction of your project with peace of mind.

3- Maintaining your landscaping project

A successful landscaping project is not a single-season endeavour, but a long-term undertaking. It takes several years for your piece of paradise to reach its peak. All of our award-winning achievements have resulted from projects where owners paid considerable attention to the maintenance phase. Our maintenance team can provide you with personalized, professional services. Our commitment towards protecting our environment and your health guarantees you a service that applies the most recent work techniques.