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How to build an outdoor design idea board with Pinterest

Do you know where to find great landscaping ideas? It can be hard to explain why we prefer one style or which decorative elements make us feel good. We can always go through magazines and books, stick some post-it notes on the pages with the ideas that appeal to us, put all the documents in a large suitcase and go meet with landscaping professionals to start planning our project. This may not be the simplest and most effective way. Have you heard of the Pinterest social network?


How does Pinterest help with outdoor design ideas?

When it comes to everything in the design world, from everyday objects to works of art, from interior design to exterior design, from playful DIY ideas to functional modifications of objects, Pinterest definitely is the reference. It allows you to find examples of elements that you already wish to integrate into your project. In addition, it will help you discover a multitude of other elements that would probably have flown under your radar. You will also be able to explore different styles of landscaping. The application then allows you to categorize your inspirations, comment on them and, above all, access them at any time via the Internet.


Creating your Pinterest account

To create your Pinterest account, you must first enter your email address and choose your password. This information will then allow you to access your account from any computer with an internet connection or from the Pinterest application available on all smartphone platforms.

S'inscrire à Pinterest pour créé un tableau d’idées d’aménagement extérieur

Then follow the instructions and choose a minimum of five interests from a list proposed by Pinterest, such as architecture, woodwork, gardening, etc.

Inscription à Pinterest pour créer des tableaux d’idées d’aménagement paysager extérieur

Your profile is now created!


An images search related to your landscaping project

Afterwards, all you have to do is let your designer’s instinct do the work! You make a choice and you go for it! For example, if you want to build a swimming pool, type “pool” in the search bar. An astronomical quantity of photos will be displayed and will give you ideas for your outdoor design.

You will then see an image that particularly appeals to you. You click on it to see it in a larger format and you will see a “Save” button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. If you click on it, you will be asked to create your first Pinterest Board with a name. You can then call it “Pool Ideas”, for example.

Créer un tableau pour des idées d’aménagement paysager extérieur

You can create as many boards as you want and display as many pins or photos as you want. If, along the way, your inspirations become more refined, you can also specify your search criteria and search for “infinity pool” to see a variety of others. With your Pinterest account, you’ll stay on top of landscaping trends!

One thing leading to another, you will build one or more inspiration charts that will be useful for agreeing on certain aspects of your landscaping with your partner, and also for communicating with your landscaping professional when the time comes! Pinterest is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and will help you discover a whole world of landscaping possibilities. You will certainly find many excellent ideas for your outdoor landscaping!

To learn about the various steps involved in a landscaping project, download our ultimate guide for free!