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How much does a landscaping project with Paysage Lambert cost?

Every project is unique and so are the costs. Landscaping is a durable asset and should be considered an investment just like a house. It’s an integral part of your property.

Why invest in your landscaping?

You will agree that a poorly built and insulated home, with apparent structural defects or simply an aesthetically unattractive house definitely does not have the same value as a beautiful, clean and well-maintained property. The same applies to landscaping. If the landscaping is not done with taste or is simply poorly done, the money invested will lose value. What we see most often in Quebec is mediocre foundation preparation. Due to our freeze-thaw cycles, poorly constructed foundations and inadequate drainage cause major defects in constructions such as collapsing stairs, cracking concrete slabs or undulating interlocking paving stones.

It takes a lot of investment in preparation and this is the hidden part of landscaping. This is often where prices can be reduced and it diminishes the quality and durability of the project. Poor preparation also leads to poor design results, such as misplaced trees that grow too big and then seem to crush your property. Flowerbeds with poorly selected or poorly laid out vegetation can also cause headaches, but the clutter is only noticed after a few years. It’s then necessary to think about the maintenance of these flowerbeds to keep the full value of your investment.

Consult a professional to minimize the cost of landscaping.

The complexity of a project does not necessarily match the price. For example, a plain paving stone driveway is simple to build and design, but it can be very expensive. A more complex project could be completed with the same budget because it includes several elements that are less expensive to carry out (shaping, earthwork, stonework, small walls, planting areas, etc.) but more complicated to design.

In Quebec, our companies operating in this sector are generally relatively modest in size, but it’s better to choose a company, such as Paysage Lambert, which offers personnel specialized in different work activities to complete all the phases of your project. As with any less complex project, success lies in the planning process from the start. A well thought-out project must meet the client’s needs, be developed with good documents, contain a landscaping plan, an estimate if necessary and a clear and understandable quote. It must then be carried out with specialized workers supervised by a contractor who knows the logistics of all the work. A landscape architect, for example, can supervise the entire work while adding an aesthetic touch to the project. In the end, the whole thing should cost less and provide better results. The Paysage Lambert team can help you evaluate the cost of your landscaping project.

Elements that may affect the cost of the project

The price of your landscaping project can vary based on several factors: the size of the lot to be landscaped, the gradients, the existing elements on the lot, the choice of materials and the desired level of maintenance. Therefore, each project is different and so are the costs. The usual investment for the exterior of a property in Quebec is between 10% and 20% of the value of the property unlike Germany and Scandinavian countries where people invest respectively 20% to 30% and 15% to 25% of the value of the property on exterior work. Even for a project done improvised by the owner, you will invest more or less the same amount as for a project carried out by a team of professionals. Therefore you have everything to gain by taking advantage of Paysage Lambert’s expertise.

Don’t forget that landscaping includes everything that is not related to the building. In many countries, landscaping is an essential aspect of well-being; having an exterior environment that is as chic and functional as the interior is essential. An environment that makes you want to spend your vacation at home is priceless!