California dreamin’

1st prize - Category "Inviting facades"

Project Info

Location Located on the mountainside
Type of stone Natural stones (bluestone, black granite, slate)

Project Description

Located on the mountainside, this completely updated residence is fully furnished and provides owners with all the amenities, as well as a few extras. Only noble materials were used for this project: natural stones (bluestone, black granite, slate), self-weathering steel (Corten steel) and Spanish cedars. The uniqueness of this project is created by a stylistic transition between the front of the residence, the back and the bottom of the lot near the lake. At first glance, the straightforward and assertive design lines at the front generate the self-weathering steel walls. When you go down one level at the back, curved lines hug nature and create relaxation areas. The transition of materials is also remarkable with the gradual disappearance of steel which is replaced smoothly by natural stones for the construction of retaining walls. As you continue down towards the lake, the organic shapes blend in perfectly with the ubiquitous forest. An irregular garden footpath winds through landforms and vegetation to a natural stone rest area near the lake.