Cottage retreat

Winner - Category "Prestige Landscaping"
  • retraite au chalet amenagement de prestige paysage lambert
  • Aménagement avec mobilier extérieur au bord de leau avec un pavillon

Project Info

Location Located lakeside
Type of stone Wall of natural stones, surrounded by a long stone bench, flooring made of Bluestone

Project Description

This magnificent log cabin is located on the shores of a lake allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation. In order to allow owners to get a kick out of their stay, a fire pit as well as a multifunctional pavilion have been incorporated into the layout. The latter has been designed by our team to use every square foot remaining from a regulatory point of view for efficient purposes. The multifunctional pavilion includes, among other things, a dining area as well as an outdoor kitchen equipped with all the necessary amenities to make it autonomous and thus avoid the comings and goings between the residence and the pavilion. Adjacent to this pavilion, guests will find a sauna, an outdoor shower and a spa to relax. The fire pit, on the other hand, is backed by a wall of natural stone which is surrounded by a long stone bench, allowing a large number of people to be seated and enjoy the warmth of the fire. The flooring made of Bluestone, a noble and durable material, bridges the rustic charm of the residence and the modern look of the pavilion. Note that this project includes a roof water collection system made of self-weathering steel (Corten steel) affixed to the ground and integrated into the natural stone walls.