Oasis resort

2nd prize ex aequo 2020 - Category "Courtyard"

Project Info

Location North Hatley
Type of stone Large natural stone garden steps, cut stone walls and patio

Project Description

Located in the charming village of North Hatley, this residence offers owners a view of Lake Massawippi surrounded by luxurious vegetation. The steep slope between the street and the top of the land, where the garage is located, allows different points of view with their own characteristics and offering distinct visual openings. The curvaceous layout is very organic, thus facilitating its marriage with the natural character of the woodland. Throughout the entire project, noble materials dominate while remaining discreet. The large natural stone garden steps, the cut stone walls and patio, as well as the wooden structures blend perfectly into the natural setting. The main feature of the layout is undoubtedly the overflow spa which prevails at the top of the slope. Seen from below, you can only see the wall of water with its perpetual movements and relaxing sounds. When enjoying the warm water, a breathtaking view of the sunset across the lake awaits us. Note that the periodic maintenance of the plants in this project is carried out expertly to maintain and increase, year after year, an impeccable aesthetic!