Sense Awakening

2012 APPQ 1st prize winner, Natural Materials category
  • Sense Awakening - Paysage Lambert

Project Info

Location Sherbrooke
Budget $50 000 - $100 000
Type of stone Fieldstone wall, irregular bluestone patio with paver inlays
Type of plant Perennials, semi-shade, medium maintenance

Project Description

Created within a confined space, this garden is the result of two seemingly contradictory requests: one for a large fire pit area and one for a waterfall. The proposal was to incorporate the two requests into one project, thus creating a unique landscaped area. The fire pit area was built at a higher level, positioned next to a planted slope, and overlooking the eating area. Three waterfalls integrated into a stone low wall as well as a pond were built around this fire pit area. These structures clearly delineate the fire pit area and generate some coolness during hot weather. Lastly, to break up the uniformity of the flat stone low walls, they were inlaid with large blocks with green, blue, and golden highlights.