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What makes a landscape architect different?

From the outset, the landscape architect profession is not the most well-known of specialties. It’s therefore important to better understand the field’s mission. It helps to know its particularities and what differentiates it from other professions.

A landscape architect is :

Often known as landscape architecture, landscaping or planning, landscape architecture is a complex synthetic discipline that operates at different scales, from the smallest residential garden to an entire region.

What is a landscape architect really doing?

The landscape architect is often wrongly called an architect, landscaper, or even gardener. In fact, he is a professional who specializes in the creation or reorganization of outdoor spaces of all sizes. He puts his knowledge, his skills and his artistic side to the benefit of his clients. The landscape architect is involved from the initial idea to the laying of the last stone or plant. In comparison, the other actors participate in the projects in a more punctual way in their respective fields of expertise.

His education

The landscape architect holds a university education. It was previously a four-year bachelor’s degree, but it is now split into a three-year bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree where the candidate can specialize. Throughout the training and on a constant basis, creation and design are put forward with workshops. The rest of the training then touches on all aspects of landscape, from history to technical construction skills, from sociology to technical drawings, from landscape analysis to project rendering techniques.

His skills

– Spirit of synthesis;

– Creative and inventive;

– Management of technical aspects;

– Budget management;

– Coordination;

– Plans and specifications;

– Outreach.

His role

The role of the landscape architect is at the heart of an exterior project, no matter how big or small. From the establishment of the residence on the site to the first use of the patio, if the situation is favourable, the landscape architect should be present. On one hand, to ensure the coherence and dialogue between the residence and its exterior design and on the other hand, the conformity and quality of the work carried out throughout the construction site.

Now that you are aware of the skills that distinguish a landscape architect from other similar professions, perhaps you would like to call upon one of them to create your exterior courtyard? You should know that our approach initially consists of a meeting to see the sites and the possibilities available to you for your future work.