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At what time of the year should I start my exterior design project?

Exterior design season generally runs from April to December. There still are several steps to take before the work is completed. Spring, summer, fall, winter : is there an ideal season to approach landscaping specialists? Generally speaking, fall and winter are the most appropriate times to initiate your approach.

What factors need to be taken into consideration before starting the landscaping project?

The main elements to be taken into consideration are the level of sophistication and flexibility. While some jobs can be planned and scheduled fairly quickly, others require much more time and planning. The need to make a plan, the need to obtain municipal permits, the availability of certain materials, your availability to carry out the work, the synchronization between different contractors or professionals and the weather are all elements to be taken into account when scheduling a landscaping project.

When should I initiate my exterior design project?

If you are interested in getting the work done when it’s most convenient for you, you should start in the late summer or fall. By that time, you will have had all summer to reflect on your needs and to design your project. It will then be possible to assess the site, take measurements and discuss the project with you. If designs are required, they can be completed during the winter and you will have your quote in hand and a dedicated time slot for your work at a time that suits you best. Remember that the more complex your project is and requires the services of several stakeholders, the more planning is essential!

Is there a deadline?

If you’re the type of person who gets up on a sunny spring morning and suddenly feel the need to start your project at that same time, it’s always possible. A good entrepreneur will be willing to approach you at any time of the year, having several teams to serve you; chances are he will be able to find a place for you during the current season. The schedule is constantly readjusted according to the weather, the other contractors involved and the work schedule. In this way, it’s possible to add some work through a flexible schedule during the season.

A good company will be available year-round to guide you in your outdoor development project. So don’t hesitate to contact them to start your exterior design project. The sooner the better!